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Innovative Amenity Offered at Community Medical Center


Innovative Amenity Offered at Community Medical Center

Telephone Charging Station Available in the Emergency Department

October 9, 2015 – Toms River, NJ - Community Medical Center is lessening the stress patients and visitors may experience when coming to the Emergency Department by providing them with access to an innovative amenity.

“When you are on your way to the Emergency Department, you are focused on getting there as quickly as possible,” said Jaime Pitner, RN, Administrative Director, Emergency Department at Community Medical Center. “It’s only when you arrive that you think about your phone’s charging cord because your battery is running low,” he added.

Community Medical Center has installed a new charging station in the Emergency Department Lobby featuring cords and electric outlets for a wide variety of phones, tablets and other electronic devices. The charging station is available for free to visitors and patients.

“We understand a visit to the Emergency Department causes stress for patients and visitors,” said Michael Mimoso, MHAS, FACHE, interim president and chief operating officer. “Our goal is to help lighten that stress, and access to the charging station will help keep them connected to family and friends. That connection is extremely important especially during a health crisis.” he added.

In addition to the charging station, Community Medical Center offers free Wifi, on-site coffee and gift shops and valet parking. Walgreens has opened a pharmacy in the Outpatient Lobby to provided bedside delivery of medications for patients, in the Emergency Department and in the inpatient units, when they are discharge from the hospital. This eliminates making another stop on the way home from the hospital.

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