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J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center Helps Patients Navigate Their Care


J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center Helps Patients Navigate Their Care

A diagnosis of cancer is the start of a unique journey, one that can often be challenging. To guide and support patients and their families, the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center at Community Medical Center offers a special Cancer Navigator Program to help patients understand their diagnosis and answer questions during their treatment. Clinical navigators are dedicated registered nurses specially trained and experienced in cancer care. They provide guidance and resources every step along the cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship. Cancer navigators are a source of confidential, personalized information.

At the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center, Kathé Sadler-Wright, MSN, RN-C, is the clinical breast navigator. She describes her role as a “GPS” for patients – guiding them and helping them every step of the way.

Ms. Wright meets with breast cancer patients and puts them in touch with financial and transportation resources, refers them to American Cancer Society programs and support groups, assists with scheduling appointments, additional testing and much more.

“When a patient has a cancer diagnosis, there are a lot of moving parts in their treatment that need to be pulled together. Couple that with the fact when a patient gets a diagnosis, they are in shock and don’t know what to do next. That’s when a navigator becomes helpful,” she said.

Working closely with physicians on staff at Community Medical Center, the clinical breast navigator follows patients throughout the process, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Wright is involved in developing a patient’s survivorship care plan, an interdisciplinary effort involving everyone active with the patient’s care.

The navigator helps breast cancer survivors with follow-up appointments and educates them on the side effects of treatment. Wright is also involved with the hospital’s Tumor Board – where physicians of different specialties come together to evaluate a patient’s case to recommend the best treatment approach.

“Being a patient navigator is very personal for me,” Wright says. “Women battling breast cancer today have a far better outlook than even a few years ago – I find that very rewarding.”

In addition to the clinical breast cancer navigator, the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center also offers a lung cancer navigator, cancer survivorship navigator and American Cancer Society navigator. They are available to assist patients from diagnosis and treatment through recovery.

For information about the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center, please visit or call 732.557.8148.


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