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Community Medical Center Hosted 11th Annual Food Drive - Over 20,000 Pounds of Food Donated to Area Food Banks


For the past eleven years, Community Medical Center employees and members of the Medical Staff have collected and donated to local food pantries through Health Care Harvest, the hospital's annual summer food drive.

Over 20,100 pounds of food was donated this year, including a generous $5,000 donation from the Community Medical Center Medical Staff. Cumulatively over the past eleven years, 174,730 pounds of food has been donated to area food banks.

The food drive is founded by and has been run by Thomas Yanisko, Administrative Director, Hospitality Services at Community Medical Center. "The food drive coincides with the end of the school year since free meal programs are no longer available and we don't want any child to go hungry," said Yanisko. "We want to make healthy food available to help establish healthy eating habits for children," he added.

Departments within the hospital compete amongst themselves to collect the most food. For the fifth consecutive year, the Finance Department earned the award for most food donated per person. They collected 118 pounds of food per person. The Emergency Department collected 2,564 pounds followed closely by the Radiology Department with 2,063 pounds of food donated.

Health Care Harvest is one of many programs Community Medical Center employees take part in as a way to give back to the community they serve. "Our goal is to keep the community healthy, and participating in the food drive is just another way to accomplish that," said Michael Mimoso, MHSA, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Medical Center. "Our employees and medical staff are incredibly generous. They give of themselves through the exceptional care they provide to our patients and by their support of numerous community outreach programs, like the food drive," he added.

In addition to the food drive, the hospital staff annually participate in a Tools for School backpack and schools supplies drive and a Holiday Toy Drive. The hospital also partners with the Barnegat school system to offer the Healthcare Learning Collaborative, which provides high school students a chance to learn about the wide variety of roles that take part in the operation of a hospital.