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New Laboratory Technology Enhances Patient Care At Jersey City Medical Center


Staff at Jersey City Medical Center today held a ribbon cutting for the new Cobas 600 Laboratory Analyzer, state-of-the-art laboratory technology. The new equipment will enable the medical center to further enhance its diagnosis and treatment of patients by allowing additional laboratory tests to be performed in-house, making results available within minutes, rather than sent to an outside laboratory.

“The Cobas 600 allows our doctors to get accurate and timely patient results quickly, where in the past they sometimes needed to wait for them,” said Ribhia Abdelhady, Lab Director at Jersey City Medical Center. “It’s another step in our commitment to continuously improve our quality of patient care, while providing our medical/dental staff with the tools they need.”

The system analyzes blood samples for routine and innovative chemistry tests ordered by physicians and the Emergency Room. This is the first hospital-owned and operated technology of its kind in Hudson County.

According to Abdelhady, the decision to upgrade the lab was made as a result of the hospital’s increased demand for blood tests. The highly compact system consolidates more than 95 percent of routine testing, potentially helping the lab to operate with fewer analyzer machines and to optimize staff efficiency.

Manufactured by Roche Diagnostics, the system integrates multiple technologies to give the hospital the means to improve efficiency and the flexibility to grow as its needs change.

“The introduction of this new system is also a sound investment from a financial perspective, as the demand on our laboratory will continue to grow exponentially in the future,” said Kirat Kharode, the hospital’s Vice President of Operations. “We needed to upgrade our technology in order to maintain our goal of producing fact and accurate test testing for our patients."

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