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Patient recovers wrist function after replacement surgery at Jersey City Medical Center Read more: Hudson Reporter - JERSEY CITY BRIEFS


Congratulations to Dr. John Capo, a JCMC orthopedic surgeon who was featured in several editions of this week’s Hudson Reporter Newspapers. Dr. Capo performed a total wrist replacement on a former Marine who decided to correct an injury sustained in the military and the osteoarthritis which followed. Only in the past few years has the technology and the procedure design itself improved to the point where a Total Wrist Replacement is not only a viable option for many patients with arthritis, but it can be performed to reverse fusion surgery. Relatively few surgeons still feel comfortable performing the procedure. In a five hour surgery, Dr. Capo replaced the degenerated parts of the patient’s wrist bones with metal and polyethylene (a high density medical grade plastic) components at JCMC.

The full article can be viewed here.

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