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A Super Bowl Message for Newark High School Students from a NY Giants Super Bowl Captain


1986 Super Bowl Captain George Martin Talks to Newark High School Students On Living Positive & Healthy Lifestyles

NEWARK, New Jersey – January 28, 2014 – The spirit of SUPER BOWL XLVIII came to Malcolm X. Shabazz High School in Newark today when Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (NBIMC) and Children's Hospital of New Jersey, (CHoNJ) launched their 2014 Journey to Wellness initiative with 1986 NY Giants Super Bowl Captain George Martin.

In addition to his celebrated football career, Martin is also known for his walk across America to raise awareness of the plight of rescue and recovery workers after 9/11, raising more than $5 million. Martin also serves as Executive Director of the NFL Alumni Association and President of the NFL Alumni Charities, and President of the Pro Legends, NFL Charities. He has now taken on a new journey in one of America's urban cities, in partnership with NBIMC and CHoNJ. In 2012 and 2013, George Martin teamed up with NBIMC and CHoNJ for MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL/Men's Health Night with The Beth, in which more than 100 men participated in a health-focused tailgate party at the Maplewood Country Club.

During the presentation, Martin held up a bottle of water, saying "this is nature's remedy" – he encouraged the athletes to drink eight bottles of water a day. He also passed around his Super Bowl ring, he said, "This ring is eight ounces of gold encased in diamonds with a very high street value – the ring is a symbol of more than football, it's a symbol of my philosophy put into practice and my commitment to wellness, as an NFL player and today as a wellness ambassador.

Martin is creating a roadmap for people to live healthier lives in Newark, starting this year with student athletes at Newark's Malcolm X. Shabazz High School and continuing in a number of Newark churches, as part of a campaign to promote wellness with Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children's Hospital of New Jersey (NBIMC & CHoNJ). In late 2013, Martin hosted MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL/Men's Health Night with The Beth – a tailgate party for more than 100 adult men that focused on healthy lifestyles. The event included health screenings, prostate exams and presentations from four NBIMC physicians; cardiologist Marc Cohen, MD orthopedic surgeons, James Lee, Jr. MD, and James Lee, Sr., MD, urologist, Domenico Savatta, MD and primary care physician, F. Dein Rice, MD.

George Martin said, "It is my humble opinion that the most precious natural resource that we as human beings have, is our children. Therefore, it behooves us all to provide the very best nurturing environment possible for them that addresses and promotes educational excellence, spiritual awareness and optimum physical fitness and nutrition."

Newark Beth Israel, decided to seize the opportunity of the Super Bowl to educate young athletes about the power of living a healthy lifestyle regardless of whether you are a student athlete or a professional athlete. Dr. Brennan said, "Healthy living is the key to a quality life." The assembly included 100 student athletes, dressed in their respective sports jersey. At the assembly, the student took a pledge to Be Positive, Eat Right, Exercise, Make Good Choices and to Create a Life Plan."

In closing, Martin said, "Children and youth are our legacy and should be granted all advantages in order to achieve and excel in life. As a former professional athlete I am honored to be partnering with Newark Beth Israel Medical Center/Children's Hospital of New Jersey and Barnabas Health in order to bring the possibility of better health and nutrition to fruition for youth and adults in our community."

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