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Community Members Show Love for Saint Barnabas Medical Center Physicians


Livingston, NJ -- Saint Barnabas Medical Center (SBMC) recently announced the 2015 "I Love My Doctor" Campaign recipients. This past year, Saint Barnabas Medical Center asked an appreciative community of patients to write letters about their physicians. More than 175 individuals wrote 258 letters about 141 physicians at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Community members shared touching examples of how their SBMC doctors have been extraordinary for them and their family in their time of need or if they felt their doctor had gone the extra mile to provide for their needs. All of the letters are on display at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Karen Jacobsen submitted a letter about Christopher F. Freer, DO, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Saint Barnabas, who helped her when she had a sudden emergency aboard an airplane. Dr. Freer happened to be a passenger on that plane who responded to the call for help. She expressed her and her husband's appreciation and thanks for aiding her emergency. She wrote, "Thank you so much for stepping up. You are truly a compassionate professional who is ON all the time. You gave comfort to my husband and told him what to expect at the Emergency Room and we will always appreciate your kindness. You were in our Thanksgiving prayers and will continue to be in my heart. Thank you for being you."

More than 100 patients and physicians attended the I Love My Doctor celebration which took place on Wednesday June 17, 2015, at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Pictured, from left, at the 2015 I Love My Doctor celebration are Scott A. Spiro, MD, Plastic Surgeon at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and Debbie and Michael Berwald. Mrs. Berwald wrote several letters in gratitude to her physicians. In regards to Dr. Spiro, she said, "Having to deal with cancer was made so much easier because of the kindness that Dr. Spiro showed me. The love and support that I received went above and beyond what I expected."

Below is the list of physicians who were recognized through the 2015 I Love My Doctor Campaign.

1. Tara M. Abella, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

2. Terence Aherne, MD, Internal Medicine

3. Valeriu E. Andrei, MD, Bariatric Surgery

4. John Anton, MD, Cardiology

5. Michelle A. Aristizabal, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

6. Gary Berman, MD, Cardiology

7. Patricia A. Berran, DPM, Podiatry

8. Michael L. Bilof, MD, Bariatric Surgery

9. Dorothy S. Bisberg, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology

10. Margaret M. Blackwood, MD, General Surgery

11. Luigi V. Bonomini, MD, Nephrology

12. Chirag N. Boradia, DO, Endocrinology

13. Andrew B. Brown, MD, Oncology

14. Frederick F. Buechel, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

15. Jeanine H. Bulan, MD, Internal Medicine

16. Anthony Carlino, MD, Internal Medicine

17. Joseph S. Cervone, MD, Internal Medicine

18. Ronald S. Chamberlain, MD, General Surgery

19. H. Mahmood Cheema, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

20. Donald Chervenak, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

21. Gerald F. Ciciola, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

22. Francisco G. Colon, MD, Plastic Surgery

23. Miguel A. Conde, MD, Oncology

24. Adrian L. Connolly, MD, Dermatology

25. David G. Conyack, DO, Anesthesia

26. Alan S. Cooperman, MD, Gynecology

27. Ross D. Cooperman, MD, Plastic Surgery

28. Stephen Crane, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

29. Anthony L. Cuppari, MD, General Surgery

30. Edward B. Decker, MD, Ophthalmology

31. Stephen D. DeFronzo, MD, Infectious Disease

32. Kenneth T. DeFusco, MD, Pulmonary Medicine

33. George Demidowich, MD, Cardiology

34. Thad R. Denehy, MD, Gynecologic Oncology

35. Gigi R. Diamond, MD, Infectious Disease

36. Samuel M., Dower, MD, Endocrinology

37. Laura L., Downey, MD, Otolaryngology

38. Robert S. Eagle, MD, Gastroenterology

39. Colin L. Failey, MD, Plastic Surgery

40. Richard Fain, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

41. Vitaly A. Fishbein, MD, Gastroenterology

42. Steven C. Fiske, MD, Gastroenterology

43. Mark H. Forman, MD, Thoracic Surgery

44. Christopher F. Freer, DO, Emergency Medicine

45. David L. Garbowit, MD, Endocrinology

46. Stuart R. Geffner, MD, General Surgery

47. Mark C. Goldberg, MD, Cardiology

48. Ryan J. Goldberg, MD, Nephrology

49. Dawn R. Goldstein, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

50. Alison Grann, MD, Radiation Oncology

51. Martin Greenberg, MD, Pulmonary Medicine

52. Monica T. Gressianu, MD, Cardiology

53. Robert Grossman, MD, Oncology

54. Keith A. Hawthorne, MD, Cardiology

55. James J. Hefferan, MD, Cardiology

56. Noushin Heidary, MD, Dermatology

57. Thomas Helbig, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

58. Steven M. Hertz, MD, Vascular Surgery

59. Norman Holzberg, MD, Otolaryngology

60. Otakar R. Hubschmann, MD, Neurosurgery

61. Andrew Hutter, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

62. Neil Kahanovitz, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

63. Praveen Kandula, MD, Nephrology

64. Oren Keiser, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

65. Sargis A. Khoobiar, MD, Cardiology

66. Isaac Kramer, MD, Internal Medicine

67. Elion J. Krok, MD, Internal Medicine

68. Michael D. LaSalle, MD, Urology

69. Bruce Lefkon, MD, Urology

70. Stuart P. Leitner, MD, Oncology

71. Jeffrey Levy, MD, Pediatrics

72. Arthur Liberman, MD, Internal Medicine

73. David Y. Lin, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

74. David M. Loya, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

75. Linda Luisi-Purdue, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

76. Neil Lyman, MD, Nephrology

77. Vani Maddali, MD, Internal Medicine

78. Vivek Maheshwari, MD, General Surgery

79. Emanuel M. Maida, MD, Internal Medicine

80. Shetal M. Mansuria, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

81. Joan Mariyampillai, MD, Internal Medicine

82. Henry J. McCabe, Jr., MD, Internal Medicine

83. Richard A. Michaelson, MD, Oncology

84. Michael C. Milano, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

85. Richard C. Miller, MD, Maternal/Fetal Medicine

86. Glen R. Mogan, MD, Gastroenterology

87. Shamkant Mulgaonkar, MD, Nephrology

88. Barbara A. Nahas, MD, Internal Medicine

89. Beth R. Nalitt, MD, Internal Medicine

90. Sridhar S. Nambi, MD, Endocrinology

91. Peter Nussbaum, MD, Ophthalmology

92. Steven A. Pally, DO, Internal Medicine

93. Priti P. Patel, MD, Plastic Surgery

94. Madhavi Pentyala, MD, Internal Medicine

95. Donald B. Perlman, MD, Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

96. Anthony C. Quartell, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

97. Delia Radovich, MD, Oncology

98. Theresa M. Redling, DO, Geriatrics

99. Mark A. Rieger, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

100. Stacey Rifkin-Zenenberg, DO, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

101. Steven Robbins, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

102. Maria Isabel Roberti, MD, Pediatric Nephrology

103. Marc Roelke, MD, Cardiology

104. Lawrence S. Rosenthal, MD, Gastroenterology

105. Bennett C. Rothenberg, MD, Plastic Surgery

106. Robert J. Rubino, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

107. Marvin I. Ruderman, MD, Neurology

108. Robert A. Ruffini, MD, Gastroenterology

109. Neil J. Russo, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

110. Peter Salas, MD, Plastic Surgery

111. Joseph Salese, MD, Internal Medicine

112. Ranka Samsa, MD, Nephrology

113. Severiano F. San Juan, Jr., MD, Pediatrics

114. Elissa Santoro, MD, General Surgery

115. Sarah S. Schaefer, MD, General Surgery

116. Alvin M. Schmidt, MD, Internal Medicine

117. Kristen Schwall, MD, Internal Medicine

118. Michael Scoppetuolo, MD, Oncology

119. William Semel, MD, Pediatrics

120. Robert P. Shack, MD, General Surgery

121. Nita K. Shah, MD, Nephrology

122. Smita Shah, MD, Pulmonary Medicine

123. Stuart Shoengold, MD, Urology

124. William C. Sloan, MD, Gastroenterology

125. Donna Smith, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology

126. Joseph Sobelman, MD, Neurology

127. Richard J. Solomon, MD, Internal Medicine

128. Scott A. Spiro, MD, Plastic Surgery

129. Robert R. Taylor, MD, Gynecologic Oncology

130. Nicholas G. Tullo, MD, Cardiology

131. Kamtorn Vangvanichyakorn, MD, Pediatric Neonatology

132. Minal Vazirani, MD, Internal Medicine

133. Michael V. Verdi, DPM, Podiatry

134. Luigina D. Vlad, MD, Endocrinology

135. Shefali Vyas, MD, Pediatric Nephrology

136. Raquel T. Wagman, MD, Radiation Oncology

137. Jennifer Ann Wagmiller, MD, Oncology

138. Carl B. Wallach, MD, Gastroenterology

139. Steven J. Weiss, MD, Allergy/Immunology

140. Matthew I. Whang, MD, Urology

141. Manal F. Youssef-Bessler, MD, Infectious Disease

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