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Local Students Help Name Saint Barnabas Medical Center’s New Joint Surgery Robot


A robot that helps doctors perform hip and knee replacements at Saint Barnabas Medical Center is known for its accuracy and precision. Now it’s also being known by its new name – R.O.S.I. – to help put patients at ease.

R.O.S.I. is an acronym for Robot of Orthopedic Surgery Intelligence. That accurately describes the MAKOplasty® surgical robot. But even more importantly it feels friendly and non-threatening, “kind of like your favorite grandma,” said Tyler Skrief, a sixth grader at Mt. Pleasant Middle School (MPMS), who named the robot.

SBMC turned to sixth graders in technology classes at MPMS to come up with a name. “As a teaching hospital, we are very committed to improving the health and wellness of our patients and their families as well as educating future generations. This contest was a perfect way to partner with our local school system to educate the students and tap into their creativity,” states Stephen P. Zieniewicz, FACHE, SBMC’s President and CEO.

The challenge was timed at the beginning of a unit on different types of technology explained MPMS teacher Aleksandr Sadiwnyk. Saint Barnabas provided educational materials and videos to help students understand the role of robots in biotechnology. Margie Heller, the Administrative Director of Community Health and Outreach at SBMC, added, “ It is part of our mission for community members of all ages to have an opportunity to be involved and learn about the technological advancements that are taking place at the medical center. The students embraced the contest and submitted excellent entries. Selecting one winner was very difficult.”

Saint Barnabas Medical Center provides the region's only robotic surgical treatment option for more accurate hip and partial knee replacement. Orthopedic surgeons control a robotic arm during the state-of-the-art treatments. “It’s like coloring between the lines, 100 percent of the time,” Michael Rieber, MD, told students who attended a naming celebration on March 23, 2016 at the Medical Center.

About 45 students took part in the naming challenge, submitting their ideas and justification for a name during their technology cycle and were rewarded with certificates and a pizza party.

“Students who study technology education realize that the types of technologies available change over time, but understand that something as simple as a wheel, and as complex as a smart phone, are both forms of technology,” Mr. Sadiwnyk said. “By studying principles of design, and becoming more comfortable with problem solving and concepts in technology, students are better able to understand the important role of technology in our lives in the past and in our future.”

Pictured at the Name The Robot Event held March 23, 2016, at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ, with R.O.S.I., from left, are Aleksandr Sadiwnyk, Technology Education Teacher, Mt. Pleasant Middle School; Deborah Ostrowski, Principal, Mt. Pleasant Middle School; Stephen P. Zieniewicz, FACHE, President and CEO; Luciana Mullman, Manager of Specialty Surgical Programs; Margie Heller, Administrative Director of Community Health & Outreach; Tyler; and Michael Rieber, MD, orthopedic surgeon and Director of The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas.

To learn more, contact Luciana Mullman, Manager of Specialty Surgical Programs, at 973.322.9908, or visit


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