Comfort Project 360

"She said the object and color in the materials around us actually have a physical effect on us, and how we feel." Florence Nightingale

A Reason to Rock, SBMC Foundation Comfort Project 360


Breast cancer has changed the lives of Hyla Weiss and Suzanne Unger in very different ways. Their unique-yet-similar experiences have led them to join forces to transform the patient experience at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. To complement the outstanding care provided by Saint Barnabas’ Department of Radiation Oncology, Comfort Project 360 was launched to help create the most supportive, comforting environment for patients and their loved ones. This will be accomplished by continually enhancing aesthetics, providing "simple comforts" like plush, comfortable patient robes, and by offering new wellness programs to uplift the mind and strengthen the body.

Each and every gift in support of Comfort Project 360 will enhance patient care and well-being. A multi-phase renovation is underway to enhance the healing environment for the more than 800 patients that receive radiation therapy each year at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Charitable support from donors like you will help transform key patient care areas throughout the Department of Radiation Oncology. Please join Hyla Weiss and Suzanne Unger by supporting their commitment to the very best experience for patients with cancer.

Gifts to Comfort Project 360 will support state-of-the-art renovations in these areas:

Entrance and Façade

  • For convenient, easy access to care

Patient Changing Rooms

  • To enhance patient privacy, dignity, and comfort

Treatment Rooms

  • To maximize comfort and create an environment that fosters healing

Public Corridors and Wayfinding

  • To improve access to the Department of Radiation Oncology for patients and families

Exam Rooms

  • To create a haven of comfort and calm to reduce patient anxiety

Nurses’ Station

  • Update the look and function of this “hub” of patient care activities

Please contact Saint Barnabas Medical Center Foundation at (973) 322-4330 for information about the projects listed here and to learn more about Comfort Project 360.

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