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Josiah’s Story


Our son Josiah was born on May 7, 2006, at 26 weeks gestation, weighing only 1 pound, 3 ounces. It was a very scary time for us. Josiah was so tiny that he could fit in the palm of one of our hands. You would think a baby that small would not have a chance of surviving.

During the first half of our son’s three month stay in the NICU, we could not imagine ever wanting to leave his bedside because his condition was always changing. The doctors, nurses and support staff of the NICU helped us feel reassured and confident that Josiah was in the best hands. Throughout

Josiah’s NICU stay we developed a special relationship with the doctors, nurses and staff, so much so that we all became one big family. Whenever Josiah took a step back, they were
always there with encouraging words and a hug to let us know everything was going to be okay.

Today, at two and a half years old, Josiah is a healthy, loving, energetic little boy who loves to sing, play basketball and football, and wrestle with his big brother Tyree. He is such an inspiration to our family and friends and reminds us each and every day that miracles really do happen.

- Tawonna and Mahadi R.

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