General Information

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

Labor and Delivery
Visiting hours into Labor and Delivery are unrestricted for the husband/significant other and one guest.

Ante-partum and Obstetrics
There is an open visiting policy for partners. Your partner is permitted to sleep over in the private rooms. All other visitors (ages 12 and older), including baby’s siblings (all ages) may visit between 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Hand-washing is recommended for anyone who is visiting the hospital.

Parking is available in our visitors’ lot located in front of the hospital. You must bring your parking ticket in with you to process your payment in order to exit the lot. Kiosks are located in the lobby. Cash payment is required, credit cards are not accepted.

Cell phones
Cell phones are permitted on the maternity unit. Not all cell phones work reliably, depending on the cellular provider. Verizon and ATT both work well. We also suggest that your labor partner call a family contact person periodically while you are in labor. Please instruct other family/friends to call that person for updates. The family members can also use the free wi-fi to create a Care Page and post updates for family members. If you are bringing in a phone, remember your charger.

Photos and Videos
We recognize that the birth of your child(ren) is exciting and that you want to capture it on film. Saint Barnabas welcomes your photography providing that photos are only of the mother and baby.

Baby Identification and Infant Security
Security of the baby and the mother is our primary concern on all our Maternity units. Identification bracelets are applied to the baby, mom and the partner at the time of delivery; before the baby leaves the delivery room. These bracelets have the same corresponding numbers. Babies cannot be taken out of the nursery by the parents until the bracelets are checked. Footprints of the baby, plus a finger print of the mom are taken immediately after birth. In addition to internal security policies, a state-of-art, computerized security system is in place for all infants while here at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Father/significant other should not remove their ID bracelet until baby is discharged.

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