For Firefighters

  • Education - Firefighter Health & Safety

    Due to the nature of their profession, Firefighters are at special risk for burn injury or smoke inhalation. A variety of educational programs focusing on ways to minimize risks and promote good health are available for presentation at your Fire Department or Academy. To arrange a program contact the Burn Education Office at (973) 322-8071.

    A Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) helps to ensure proper treatment of a Firefighter with burn injures, even a small burn.

  • A Gift from Captain Buscio
    A program beginning in Jersey City which now spans across the State of New Jersey offers strictly confidential, comprehensive medical evaluations with no out-of-pocket cost to all firefighters and officers.

  • Free Lung Cancer Screening
  • Valor Awards Dinner

  • Kevin Apuzzio Memorial Foundation offers a scholarship for firefighters.

The Burn Center at Saint Barnabas and Barnabas Health Salute New Jersey Firefighters

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