Before and After Your Stay

The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Pre Admission Testing

Prior to your surgery, you will need to have pre-admission testing. Pre-admission testing includes blood work and a chest x-ray. Your pre-admission testing will be scheduled on the same day as your Pre-Operative Planning and Education program.

On The Road to Recovery

As soon as your surgery is complete, your recovery phase begins. The day after surgery, you will hang up your hospital gown and change into your rehabilitation attire. You are not sick; you are on the way to your recovery. You will officially join our rehabilitation program. This clinically proven program is designed to get you up and moving as quickly as possible to help get you back to an active lifestyle. Guided and assisted by your coordinator, you and your coach will find that you are not merely a passive participant. You are an active member of the team with a common goal.

Going Back Home

The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center

For most participants, you will be leaving the hospital to go home on the third day after your surgery. By that time, you will be armed with information, your guidebook and a family member or caregiver who will be trained as your coach. You are ready to embark on your journey through rehabilitation and back to a better quality of life knowing that you have the Joint Institute to support you. Your physician and Joint Institute staff are only a phone call away if you have questions or concerns.

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