Children's Crisis Intervention Service

Children's Crisis Intervention ServiceThe needs of children in crisis are complex. Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Network offers children and families the unique support and clinical expertise necessary to effectively treat children in severe crisis, and begin the process of healing. SBBHN offers several inpatient units dedicated to treatment of children and adolescents age 5 through 17 suffering from:

  • Depressive disorders with
    self-endangering acts
  • Impairment in judgment and reality orientation
  • Impulsivity and loss of control
  • Severe anxiety states following physical and sexual abuse
  • Severe attention deficit disorders with impairment in social and school adjustment
  • Chronic withdrawal and inability to relate to others
  • Severe temper tantrums with danger to self or others

Crisis Intervention Services reduce the severity of symptoms and stabilize young clients so they may move into the next level of appropriate care.

For more information, call (800) 300-0628.

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