What “Quitters” are Saying

“You can do it. After almost 30 years, I did and now I can feel more confident that I will be around to take care of my son.”

Ann Marie M., Lakewood, NJ

“I can breathe better, have stopped coughing in the morning, the sinus problems I have are improving and I have more energy. And, my sense of smell has increased so dramatically, I feel like I have superpowers!”

Jessica L., Harrison, NJ

“I tried to quit smoking many, many times throughout my 20‐year smoking history, but the Tobacco Quit Program was different. I felt supported and had someone to turn to with questions and concerns. The weekly group meetings were so helpful. I gained a wealth of tips and strategies from other ‘quitters’ which truly helped me navigate through the challenges. Thank you!”

Joe R., Kenilworth, NJ