Intensive Outpatient


Day Intensive Outpatient Programs are offered throughout the Network for those with all major psychiatric disorders as well as those with substance abuse issues.

Focusing on Individualized Outpatient Care and Support

Stepping Stones Offers Opiate Addiction Treatment at Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Center in Toms River

Mental health treatment involves a highly organized treatment team approach, involving both individual therapy and medication education and management. The hope with this approach is that individuals can make a positive, lasting change to the way they approach their problems.

Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Center offers a comprehensive approach to mental illness in an intensive outpatient program aimed to address both the unique and broad mental health issues people face on a daily basis. Our program is tailored to treat a wide range of disorders including depression, anxiety, grief, and other mood disorders. For those suffering from co-occurring substance abuse disorders, we provide recovery groups in addition to other treatment modalities.

The program has a wide variety of staff available, including psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners, clinical social workers and a credentialed drug and alcohol counselor.

With a treatment team approach in place, these professionals hope to partner with the patients to help with the struggles of mental illness and substance abuse.

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