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  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Ronald
    Ronald Gray, Executive Vice President of Boys Town Jerusalem Foundation of America, felt that he was in pretty good shape physically up until recently.
    Read Ronald's Story
  • Anthony
    When Anthony LoBraico of Oakhurst began experiencing a dull ache in chest, he assumed it was the result of the stress and exertion.
    Read Anthony's Story
  • Dennis
    As medical technician, when Dennis Skinner of Long Branch began to sweat and experience a rapid heartbeat and chest pain, he knew he needed to seek immediate medical attention.
    Read Dennis's Story
  • Calvin
    Calvin Jackson and Joyce, his wife of 33 years, were enjoying a day at Coney Island with some friends when suddenly Calvin passed out head first on the boardwalk.
    Read Calvin's Story
  • Thomas
    When Thomas Piccoli, 62, woke up in the middle of the night with severe chest pain, he thought it was anxiety.
    Read Thomas's Story
  • Sherrill
    At just 40, Sherrill was hit by severe heart problems that left her unable to walk or speak. But less than six months later, the working mom is back to her normal routine – and healthier than before her illness.
    Read Sherrill's Story
  • Susan
    As a nurse, Susan helped others. But as a heart disease survivor, the Bergenfield woman has found new ways to care for people – including herself.
    Read Susan's Story
  • Robert D
    After suffering a heart attack two years ago, Robert, 74, of Brick, underwent observation at Kimball Medical Center.
    Read Robert's Story
  • Alice
    At 84 years young, Alice knows it is never too late to improve her heart health.
    Read Alice's Story
  • TAVR

  • Daniel
    Daniel Weiss started to feel sluggish and had problems with walking long distances.
    Read Daniel's Story
  • Ida
    When Ida Williams saw her family doctor for a head cold, she wasn’t expecting any unusual news.
    Read Ida's Story
  • Donald
    Toms River Senior Gets Life-Saving Heart Valve Replacement at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark
    Read Donald's Story
  • James M
    Some people say age is just a number. For James Murray, those words ring especially true.
    Read James's Story
  • Frank
    Never one to sit on the sidelines, Frank always enjoyed playing sports and remained active after retirement.
    Read Frank's Story
  • Heart Transplant

  • Barbara S
    An inherited heart problem has taken a terrible toll on Barbara Schempp’s family.
    Read Barbara's Story
  • Walter
    When Walter Porto walked into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, doctors told him that he had six months to live.
    Read Walter's Story
  • Rolando
    Heart Transplant Saves Life of Middlesex Husband and Father
    Read Rolando's Story
  • Jerzy
    A self-described “sports freak,” and avid soccer player turned referee, Jerzy, 57, is accustomed to running long distances up and down the soccer field.
    Read Jerzy's Story
  • Samantha
    Samantha, a patient on the heart transplant waiting list, had less than 24 hours left to live.
    Read Samantha's Story
  • Ryan
    Ryan had a serious congenital heart condition that required a heart transplant five years ago.
    Read Ryan's Story
  • Herminio
    Employee Turns to Community Medical Center for Cardiac Care
    Read Herminio's Story
  • Ricardo
    When Ricardo rides his stationary bike he leaves the memory of heart failure further and further behind.
    Read Ricardo's Story
  • Kathy
    Kathy received her second heart transplant at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.
    Read Kathy's Story
  • Stefania
    When 28-year-old Stefania received her heart transplant at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in August 2008, she and her husband were already hoping to be parents.
    Read Stefania's Story
  • Peter
    Waiting for a heart transplant and given only a few months to live, Peter optimistically ordered the tuxedo for his daughter’s wedding.
    Read Peter's Story
  • Heart Attack

  • Tom
    The last thing Tom Zakar, loving father and grandfather, wanted to face on Father's Day were problems with his heart but when he felt chest pains, he knew it was serious.
    Read Tom's Story
  • Robert
    For two days, Robert Jenkins experienced discomfort in his arms and torso.
    Read Robert's Story
  • Thomas
    Quick Response by Family, First Aid and Monmouth Medical Center Save the Life of Oceanport Man Who Suffered Heart Attack After Shoveling Snow
    Read Thomas's Story
  • Anne
    After her heart attack last summer, 82-year-old Anne didn’t know what her future would hold.
    Read Anne's Story
  • Stephanie
    At 45, Stephanie seemed in good shape. She ate reasonably and worked out with weights.
    Read Stephanie's Story
  • Bruce
    While 78-year-old Bruce was enjoying a round of doubles with his friends at Monmouth Beach Tennis Club — without any warning — he collapsed on the tennis court from sudden cardiac arrest.
    Read Bruce's Story
  • Barry
    A Big Chill Restores Man's Life After Heart Attack
    Read Barry's Story
  • James
    Cardiac Arrest: One Man Beats the Odds and Heads Home
    Read James's Story
  • Pediatric

  • Daniel
    Local 9-Year-Old Enjoying Active Life after Third Open-Heart Surgery
    Read Daniel's Story
  • Giovanni
    After Open-Heart Surgery at 5 Months, Local Boy is Thriving
    Read Giovanni's Story
  • Justin
    Expert Team at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Repairs Baby’s Tiny Heart
    Read Justin's Story
  • Omari
    Tiny Patient Gets a Rare Heart Catheterization
    Read Omari's Story
  • Laila
    Toddler Thrives after Life-Saving Heart Surgery at 5 Months Old
    Read Laila's Story
  • RJ
    RJ underwent a catheter ablation – a procedure that uses radiofrequency delivered by tube to destroy the abnormal pathway of the heart.
    Read RJ's Story
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment

  • Tony
    New ‘Afib’ treatment offers success for more heart patients
    Read Tony's Story
  • Joseph
    Joseph, 84, of Newark, NJ, exclaimed he felt like “a new man” now more confident in managing his heart failure following the placement of the CardioMEMS heart failure System at Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville.
    Read Joseph's Story
  • Justin
    Justin was born with multiple heart defects 38 years ago. Rather than have Justin undergo another open heart surgery, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center doctors conducted a less invasive procedure, they inserted a new type of device – the Melody valve.
    Read Justin's Story
  • Judith
    Robotic-Assisted Catheter Cures Case AFib
    Read Judith's Story
  • Robert
    Robert, who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, was the first person in New Jersey to rely on a small, quiet, implantable electromagnetic pump to circulate blood throughout his body – the DuraHeart ventricular assist device (VAD).
    Read Robert's Story
  • Gerald
    Revolutionary Heart Pump Powers the Man Who Runs Cyclone Rollercoaster in Coney Island
    Read Gerald's Story
  • Arrhythmia

  • Augustine
    The Bionic Man
    Read Augustine's Story
  • Roger
    Roger, of Passaic, NJ, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at age 32.
    Read Roger's Story
  • Cecilia
    Mother and Baby Survive a Heart Defect at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
    Read Cecilia's Story
  • Patricia
    Diagnosis of Massive Aneurysm Came Just in Time
    Read Patricia's Story
  • Rose
    Rose, of Maplewood, NJ, doesn’t worry about her heart anymore. Ever since she turned her cardiac care over to the experts at our Heart Centers, her heart is beating strong and steady.
    Read Rose's Story
  • James
    In the midst of building his house on LBI, James of Wall Township, NJ, was rushed to the hospital where doctors told him his severely enlarged heart was racing at 250 beats a minute.
    Read James's Story
  • Michele
    Michele admits that had she felt the dull pain in the middle of the night she might have passed it off or waited until the morning.
    Read Michele's Story

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