In the midst of building his house on LBI, James of Wall Township, NJ, was rushed to the hospital where doctors told him his severely enlarged heart was racing at 250 beats a minute. James had heart problems throughout his life but the cardiologists he had seen over the years couldn’t seem to diagnose the problem.


A friend suggested he see the experts at our Heart Centers. Experienced cardiologists at the Heart Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center performed TEE, the most sophisticated echocardiogram that offers a clear image of the heart valves and chambers.

James had a hole in his heart. Adult and pediatric interventional cardiologists collaborated to repair his congenital heart defect without surgery. Tiny catheters were used to place a titanium patch that James’ heart muscle would grow and adhere to.

A year and a half year after the procedure, James and his wife are enjoying their shore house. “The doctors say full recovery will take some more time, but my heart continues to get smaller and stronger,” he says. According to his doctors it took nearly 50 years for his heart to become so enlarged and that it will take time for the heart to attain a normal size.

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