Coping During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and it is no secret that it triggers emotions, sadness and expectations, especially when individuals are coping with a serious illness.

Caring for an ailing family member can be one of the saddest and most difficult experiences in a family's history together. Yet, it can also be one of a family's most fulfilling, meaningful and intimate experiences. A lot of love, and even laughter, can be shared as the patient and family learn to accept and live with their circumstances.

Finding the joy in the holiday season can be difficult for families coping with serious illness, but with education and support, you can enhance the quality of the time spent together.

Barnabas Health Home Care and Hospice offers these tips on getting through the holiday season:

  • Express your emotions; don't hide them.
  • Plan ahead, and plan easy; minimize surprises.
  • Turn to others for support.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Rest, rest, rest.

Everyone copes with serious illness differently, It is best to be true to yourself and your needs, particularly around the holidays.

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