Cardiac Special Services

Cardiac Rehab Program

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a conditioning program which assists the cardiac patient and family with the transition from the inpatient setting to home. It enables the homebound patient to continue the cardiac rehabilitation started in the hospital. With your physician, physical and occupational therapists recommend various activities to increase your strength, save energy, relieve anxiety and enable you to do more for yourself. When ready, you will be referred to out-patient Cardiac Rehabilitation with your doctor's approval.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Evaluate your safety, home, and need for assistive devices
  • Guide you to increase activity
  • Teach you about Target Heart Rate (THR), body mechanics, and energy conservation techniques
  • Teach you relaxation techniques and mental imagery
  • Facilitate full participation in Activites of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Teach low intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercise in both supine and sitting positions
  • Reduce patient and family anxiety
  • Provide a bridge for a continuum of care after the inpatient stay and while awaiting outpatient Cardiac Rehab

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Congestive Heart Failure Program

The Congestive Heart Failure program is designed to increase your knowledge regarding heart failure, thus improving your quality of life and reducing re-hospitalizations. A Registered Nurse will visit you at home, assess your cardiac status, and teach you about:

  • Explanation of congestive heart failure
  • Causes of heart failure
  • Signs and symptoms associated with heart failure
  • Treatment Guidelines

The Registered Nurse will teach you about the importance of recording weight and recognizing early symptoms, healthy food choices including limitation of sodium and fluids, and tips regarding medication management. The RN will report your condition to your doctor, and together, they will formulate a plan of care. Referrals for physical and occupational therapy may be needed. If you need counseling or long term planning, a Social Worker may be referred.

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Cardiac Home Monitoring

The Barnabas Health Home Care have partnered with Philips to provide patients receiving services for Congestive Heart Failure with a Cardiac Home Monitoring Program.

The goals of the Cardiac Home Monitoring Program are to:

  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Reduce visits to the Emergency Room; and
  • Help the Barnabas Health Home Care professionals make timely interventions to keep you healthy at home.

The Cardiac Home Monitoring Program enables a nurse to view a status report on your health on a more consistent schedule and more frequently than your regularly scheduled visits to the doctor’s office, and is available at no extra cost. This daily information serves as a useful supplement, not a replacement, to the care you get from your doctor.

Your healthcare provider will deliver everything you need to your home and teach you how to use it. This award-winning system is designed so you can take measurements by yourself, without assistance, in just a few minutes each day. Every day, you will be prompted to take you own vital sign measurements (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and weight) by using equipment provided by Philips and Saint Barnabas. It’s easy to do and can contribute significantly to a healthier lifestyle. Results are sent automatically through your telephone line, toll-free, to the Barnabas Health Home Care Cardiac Nurse Specialist who reviews them daily. There are no interruptions to your phone service and you do not have to make a doctor's appointment. Whenever there are significant changes in your measurements, Barnabas Health Home Care will call you or your doctor.

For more information about Cardiac Home Monitoring, please call 973-243-9666 (northern NJ) or 732-818-6800 (southern NJ).

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