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Although the majority of hospice patients are cared for at home, "home" may not always be the same for all patients. For those who reside in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Inpatient Unit, or other locations the same basic services available in home care can also be provided in a facility.

Combining the skills of the nursing home with those of a certified hospice program can benefit patients and their family members. For the terminally ill patient, the nursing home's partnership with hospice can mean augmented care through additional personnel and services. Families, too, have the benefit of additional supportive services.

Hospice home care patients can benefit as well. Those who need continuous supervision can be transferred into a nursing home and maintain hospice care during a difficult time. The highly skilled and trained staff, under the guidance of the patient's own physician and the hospice medical director, work together with the professional nursing home staff as a team to plan individualized care.

Hospice patients in a nursing home receive the same levels of care as all other hospice patients. Our patients receive an enriched quality of care, including:

  • Nursing Services
  • Access to Care
  • Social Services
  • Home Health Aide Services
  • Bereavement Services
  • Medication Management
  • Patient/Family Staff Conferences
  • Spiritual Care Services
  • Volunteer Services
  • Short-term Hospitalization
  • Other Specialty Services

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