Shining Stars Pediatric & Adolescent Program

Children are the Shining Stars of our lives, the embodiment of our hopes, dreams and aspirations. The Shining Stars pediatric and adolescent hospice program is designed to affirm those hopes during life’s most difficult times. The Shining Stars program holds the hope and belief that this care—combined with a concerned community sensitive to patients’ and families’ needs—can bring special comfort and healing. Geared specifically for children and adolescent patients, our pediatric hospice program is staffed by a highly-trained team of nurses, physicians, social workers, spiritual caregivers and volunteers. This team works hand in hand with the patient’s family, personal physician, school and other community groups to provide necessary care.

Our specialized team hopes to provide comforting support, both physically and emotionally, to patients and families facing terminal illness. The emotional, physical, and spiritual impact that coping with pediatric terminal illness has on a family and community cannot be measured. In addition to counseling and bereavement services, RWJBarnabas Health provides information to help family, friends, health care providers, and the terminally ill child work through fear and anxiety. Knowing what a child understands about his or her condition, as well as fears, feelings, emotions, and physical changes that occur, may help family manage the process better. To read more, click here.

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