Our Team

Our Comprehensive Team of Hospice & Home Care Professionals

Our team is lead by highly-trained, specialized home care and hospice professionals. With years of experience in end of life care, rehabilitation, nursing, and other specialties, our staff strives to provide caring, compassionate services to our patients and thier loved ones.

Registered Nurses: Licensed by the State Board of Nursing, Registered Nurses render skilled nursing services including performance of skilled technical procedures such as pain management, complex sterile dressings, catheter insertion, injections, infusion therapy, medication management and vital signs. The nurse also provides considerable instruction to patients and family members in the management of illness-related care such as diabetic management, ostomy care, respiratory hygiene, etc. A third area of nursing function is that of monitoring of a patient who is currently manifesting instability in his medical condition or has imminent potential to become unstable.

Private Duty Nurses: Private Duty Nurses are Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses who render skilled nursing care on an hourly basis for patients who need more intensive monitoring.

Maternal-Child Nurses: Maternal-Child Nurses are Registered Nurses specializing in the care of newborns, pediatric patients and mothers.

Perinatal Nurses: Perinatal Nurses are Registered Nurses who specialize in the care of women before, during and after giving birth.

Licensed Practical Nurses: Supervised by the Registered Nurse, the Licensed Practical Nurse works closely with patients to maintain their basic medical care. They can administer medication, check routine vital signs and aid in other simple medical procedures.

Certified Home Health Aides: Home Health Aides are trained, certified personnel who provide personal care and support services such as hygiene, bathing, mobility assistance and meal preparation. They work under the supervision of the registered professional nurse.

Private Duty Certified Nursing Assistants: Certified Nursing Assistants are trained, certified personnel who provide personal care services on an hourly basis in a health care facility such as a hospital.

Live-ins: Live-ins are Certified Home Health Aides who live in the home. They provide a wide variety of services for patients including personal assistance like bathing and grooming, homemaking, socialization and companionship. Live-ins work under the supervision of the registered professional nurse.

Physical & Occupational Therapists: Physical Therapists are licensed professionals who utilize a variety of therapeutic activities to develop or restore movement, relieve pain and increase patient safety under a medically prescribed treatment program. They instruct the patient and family in exercise, ambulation, transfers, use of appropriate equipment. Occupational Therapists are licensed professionals who assist the patient to develop or regain fine motor skills, activities of daily living and perceptual motor awareness, leading to optimal function in the home. Activities may include instruction for eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and meal preparation under a medically prescribed plan of care.

Speech Language Pathologists: Speech Language Pathologists are licensed professionals who evaluate and treat patients for communication or swallowing problems under a medically prescribed plan of care.

Medical Social Workers: Medical Social Workers are licensed professionals who assist patients and families in understanding and coping with an illness. They also help patients and families to link with appropriate community resources and long term planning experts in order to effectively manage their illness at home.

Registered Dieticians: Registered Dieticians are licensed professionals who visit patients who need assistance with therapeutic diets.

Wound Care Specialists: Enterostomal Therapists are Registered Nurses who render skilled care to patients with ostomies and complex wounds. They provide consultative services to staff and physicians as well.

High-Tech Services Specialists: High-Tech Services Specialists are Registered Nurses who assist the patient and family with such services as ventilator care, special feedings and all types of intravenous therapies.

Bereavement support: Care for the family does not end with the death of a patient. The hospice care team works with the surviving family members to help them cope with the grieving process. Bereavement support may include counseling, support groups, or medical referrals.

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