A True Act of Love

Narciso, Recipient
Tulay, Donor
Emotionally-Related Kidney Transplant

When Narciso’s wife came forward to give him a kidney, he was speechless. He says it was the best feeling in the world to know that it was his wife that was going to give him the greatest gift in the world… a new lease on life.

“After loving him for more than 25 years, I wouldn’t have made any other choice, says Tulay. Our two children now have a healthy, active daddy to look up to and say goodnight to each and every night.”

“The transplant didn’t change my life, it transformed my life into something phenomenal. The way I feel, the way I sleep, my endurance and overall well being. But, best of all, it has made the bond between my wife and me something that I can’t begin to put into words,” Narciso explains.

Now healthy, Narciso is back to work. He is grateful he can play with his children and take long walks with his family without getting exhausted.

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