You've Got a Friend

Hector, Recipient Janice, Donor

Living-Related Kidney Transplant

When Hector learned that his friend Janice was giving him a kidney, he cried. Her selfless act has allowed Hector to be free from 12 hours a week of dialysis.

For Janice, the decision to donate was not a difficult one. “I realized that my purpose on Earth was to give ‘life’ back to someone who so desperately needed it. I feel so honored to have ‘saved’ Hector’s life,” she explains.

Thanks to the transplant, Hector feels strong and has a healthy appetite. He no longer has to rush from work to dialysis and he has more time for his personal life.

“The entire Pre-Transplant, Research and Post Transplant Teams and the staff on 5700 have been exceptional. They made me feel WHOLE again,” says Hector.

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