Epilepsy & Seizures

Our neurologists and neurosurgeons are among New Jersey's most experienced epilepsy and seizure specialists. Using the latest technology for epilepsy monitoring, non-invasive methods of precisely identifying seizure activity, and a multidisciplinary team approach, our epilepsy programs offer patients with difficult-to-manage epilepsy more options for treatment, management and support. With vast clinical experience, advanced training, and knowledge of the latest medical options, including surgical and non-surgical treatments and the most promising drug therapies, our neurologists manage or eliminate seizure activity for patients of all ages, including those who have the following seizure forms:

  • Febrile Seizures
  • Benign Rolandic Epilepsy
  • Childhood Absence Epilepsy
  • Juvenile Absence Epilepsy
  • Infantile Spasms
  • Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
  • Reflex Epilepsies
  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Frontal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsies
  • Mitochondrial Disorders
  • Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
  • Rasmussen's Syndrome
  • Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome
  • Hypothalamic Hamartoma