Employee Assistance Programs

Proactive Solutions: Employee Assistance Program

Barnabas Health Corporate CareEmployees often shoulder invisible burdens that threaten their health and well-being and their ability to fully function at work. EAP Services may be added to an employer's Corporate Care program, based on company needs.

Corporate Care clients have 24/7 access to the vast resources of Barnabas Health EAP services which provide human resources staff and managers appropriate consultation on a variety of behavioral concerns which could affect job performance.

Our programs provide assessment, referral, and brief counseling to employees and their family members for a wide variety of issues including marital or family problems, substance abuse, stress, anxiety, and depression. An EAP offers employers and employees proactive solutions and options to:

• Reduce Workplace Violence
• Reduce Use of Medical and Behavioral Health Benefits
• Reduce On the Job Accidents
• Reduce Workers Compensation and Disability Claims
• Reduce Disciplinary Action
• Reduce Exposure to Litigation
• Reduce Turnover and Retraining Costs
• Provide Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Training
• Assist Human Resources in Dealing with Employee Problems
• Improve Employee Morale
• Better Manage Unexpected Events and Crises
• Provide Targeted Health and Wellness Training
• Deliver Confidential Assessment, Brief Treatment, Crisis Intervention/Referrals
• Deliver Early Intervention and Prevention Training
• Provide Employees with Resources for Legal, Financial, Child and Elder Issues

For more information on EAP services, please call 1.800.300.0628

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