What is Occupational Medicine?

Corporate Care services are delivered under the direction of board-certified specialists in occupational medicine—the medical specialty dedicated to workplace health and wellness.

Barnabas Health Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine focuses on the prevention, evaluation, treatment and resolution of health conditions caused by the workplace environment. Specialists in occupational medicine are thoroughly trained to assess the origin of worker injury and illness, taking past history, work conditions and other factors into consideration so that injuries and illnesses are properly classified and treated appropriately to ensure workers’ safe return to work.

Specialists in occupational medicine are experts in managing and monitoring the clinical care of employees, and improving their well-being through health promotion and education, workplace hazard analysis, and ensuring workplace compliance with laws and safety standards.

Occupational Medicine specialists receive formal training in public health, preventive medicine, population medicine, epidemiology, toxicology, and research, with emphasis on employee health and conditions caused by workplace exposures.