Employer Savings And Benefits

With Corporate Care, employers save money and reap the benefits of lower workers’ compensation expenses, increased employee morale and higher employee productivity.

1. We Reduce Workers’ Compensation Expenses.

Corporate Care saves New Jersey employers money by providing the medical attention and responsive care that injured employees need to recover and get back to work after a work-related illness or injury. We’re not only specialists in occupational medicine—we’re experts in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation.

Barnabas Health Corporate Care By reducing time out of work, Corporate Care services can help reduce costly workers’ compensation costs. Corporate Care’s delivers attentive medical management of workers’ compensation cases so that employees and employers are well-cared for and that all necessary medical services are delivered promptly to get employees back on the job in an appropriate timeframe. We make a difference for our clients.

2. We Reduce Lost Productivity.

As specialists in occupational medicine, we work with employers to design appropriate light duty, modified duty or alternate work responsibilities to maintain employee productivity at suitable and healthy levels during recovery from illness or injury. With Corporate Care, your employees will work within the limits of their capabilities, utilizing valuable skills and expertise that can make the difference in your day-to-day operations. This improves your experience rating, and reduces workers’ comp costs. View our clinical outcomes to learn more.