Teddy Award Recipient

Barnabas Health Corporate Care Receives Risk & Insurance Teddy Award

Teddy Award Risk and InsuranceNovember 2015 -- Barnabas Health Corporate Care, a leader in occupational health and workers’ compensation clinical care, was recognized by Risk & Insurance® with the Theodore Roosevelt Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management Award, also known as the Teddy Award, at the annual National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference.

Barnabas Health Corporate Care received the award in recognition of its efforts to enhance and expand Barnabas Health workers’ compensation program, reduce workplace injuries and decrease overall workers’ compensation costs across the system.

Barnabas Health Corporate Care TeamPictured, from left, back row: Keith Lavin, Manager, BH Corporate Care; Elaine Blandino, Director, BH Corporate Care; Caroline (Cari) Burhenne, PMA Account Manager, Barnabas Health; and in front: Caryl Russo, Senior Vice President, BH Corporate Care; Richard Yoon, MD, Medical Director, BH Corporate Care; and Tanisha Taylor, MD, Senior Medical Director, BH Corporate Care.

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