Patient Stories

  • Cheryl McCollumCheryl McCollum
    Hip replacement
    "This entire process was amazing"
    Carol WelschCarol Welsch
    Knee replacement
    “I’m very grateful for how I’m functioning and for what the surgery’s done for my life. It’s a gift.”
  • Gretchen Girgenti Gretchen Girgenti
    ACL total reconstruction
    “He told me to give it time, but that his goal was to get back to my normal activities. I‘m finally back to running and cycling”
    Samantha RovillosSamantha Rovillos
    Autograft ACL reconstruction
    “I am looking forward to running again and hitting the gym.”
  • Lauren Sampson Lauren Sampson
    Mako hip replacement
    “It’s given me by life back – I couldn’t be happier.”
    Ann Standard Ann Standard
    Mako partial knee replacement
    “PT had me up and moving right away. I didn’t think I could do it, and I was taken aback by how easily I could move.”
  • Emma Flannery Emma Flannery
    Clavicle surgery
    “The surgeons and health care team at Jersey City Medical Center made me feel extremely comfortable.”
    Felice Carpenito Felice Carpenito
    Makoplasy total knee replacement
    “After suffering for so long, I’m pain-free and able to be active again thanks to the excellent care I received at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.”
  • George Murrell George Murrell
    Hip replacement
    “It’s a new beginning. I’m pain free and going back to things I was normally doing -walking, riding the stationary bike.”
    Nancy Jones Nancy Jones
    “I wasn’t going to let this injury stop me. You have to say to yourself, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ And then do it.”
  • Joe Pascarella
    Spine Surgery
    “I suffered for so many years - and in a week’s time, the pain was gone. It was a miracle,” he said. “I was very afraid but through the whole experience, Dr. Cohen and everyone I met with was very professional, courteous and nice. From soup to nuts, it was fantastic.”
    Dianne Griffitts
    Spine Surgery
    “I realize that this is a metropolitan area and there are plenty of big-city options, but you don’t have to travel to New York to find a good surgeon,” said Dianne. “I’d go back to Dr. Cohen in a heartbeat.”
  • Gail Canning
    Total Joint Replacement
    “Life is good,” said Gail. “It’s all about your health. You have to take care of yourself now so you can continue to enjoy the things you love to do."
    David L. Chalnick, M.D.
    Total Joint Replacement
    "I could kick myself for waiting to have surgery and for suffering in pain as long as I did - if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't wait,” she said. “Dr. Chalnick helped me tremendously."
  • Mitchell Weiss, M.D.
    Artificial disk replacement
    “After surgery was the best I had felt in a long time, and what was most impressive was how minimal of an impact the surgery had on my life as a whole,” Dr. Weiss said. “I could have gone anywhere for my surgery, but I chose Dr. Estin because I knew I could trust him.”
    Linda Kelly Linda Kelly
    Joint Surgery
    “This has opened up a new chapter for me,” Ms. Kelly says. “My hips are wonderful. I am able to go down stairs without even thinking about it and I am no longer dependent on others for help.”

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