Steps Before Surgery

Attend a Seminar

Our free weight loss seminars are the first step to deciding if bariatric surgery is right for you. They are offered throughout New Jersey and are free of charge. These seminars are informational sessions which will explain the different procedures for weight loss surgery and the risks and benefits of each. Attendees will learn about qualifying for bariatric surgery, pre-operative testing, and the post-operative course involved with each procedure. You will learn more information about our multidisciplinary team and comprehensive approach to weight loss. In addition, you will learn more detailed information about pre and postoperative visits, and about the eating and lifestyle changes that will be necessary to maintain healthy weight loss.

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Your Surgeon

You will meet with your surgeon prior to surgery to decide if you are a candidate and which surgery is right for you. Your surgeon will take a brief medical history and discuss your weight loss goals. Your surgeon will then help you to decide which type of bariatric procedure is best for your circumstance and weight loss goals. Your surgeon will also discuss risks and benefits of surgery in detail. You will also talk about what to expect before, during and after your weight loss surgery.

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The Clinical Psychologist

A meeting with a clinical psychologist is an important part of the weight loss surgery journey. You will meet with a clinical psychologist on multiple occasions throughout the process. Initially you will have the opportunity to discuss your attempts at weight loss and your experiences. You will also talk about your feelings towards weight loss and your ability to understand and cope with the changes ahead. You will meet with your clinical psychologist again right before surgery and after your surgery to help you through your weight loss journey.

The Registered Dietitian

You will also meet with one of our registered dietitians. At your initial meeting, you will examine your past and present eating behavior. You will learn about and discuss what will be expected of you before and after your weight loss surgery. You will meet with your registered dietitian again before and after your surgery. These meetings will prepare you for your new diet and vitamin regimen, as well as assist you with your continual dietary requirements.

Support Group

We highly recommend that you attend at least two monthly support group meetings before your surgery. You are encouraged to continue to attend following your surgery as well. These meetings are run by our multidisciplinary team members. They usually include between 20 to 40 people who are preparing for weight loss surgery, or who have already undergone a procedure. You will have the opportunity to meet people like you. Support groups offer the opportunity to discuss issues, fears, and accomplishments with others who are able to understand what you are going through and offer support.

Post-Operative Visits

You will be scheduled for several post-operative visits in order to measure your progress and address any concerns or complications. The common schedule of post-operative visits includes the following:

  • 1 week - you will meet with your surgeon
  • 4-6 weeks - you will meet with your surgeon, dietitian and psychologist if needed
  • 3 months - you will meet with your surgeon and should have blood work done between this & your 6 month visit.
  • 6 months - you will meet with your surgeon
  • 1 year - you will meet with your surgeon. You should continue to meet with your surgeon annually going forward.
  • Additional visits - you should continue to have blood work every 6 months and see your registered dietitian and clinical psychologist as often as needed.
  • Monthly Support Group - you are encouraged to attend our monthly support group meeting as often as you need to.

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