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KidsFit is an award-winning, interactive wellness program that focuses on cultivating healthy lifestyles and behaviors within the classroom and after school programs. The 10-week KidsFit program provides tools to help children and their families learn about good nutrition and physical activity – and how they play an important role in health and wellness and help to foster lifelong healthy behaviors.

Our Success

Students who participated in KidsFit showed improvement in the following areas:

  • More children eating a healthy breakfast
  • Decreased consumption of soda, sweets and fats
  • Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Increased weekly activity levels

KidsFit at Children's Hospital at Newark Beth Israel Medical CenterKidsFit is now part of the regular school curriculum in the Newark, New Jersey school district. Valuable lessons on healthy eating is being taught in class, and heads home in the backpack for the whole family to learn.


A Comprehensive Wellness Program for Kids and Those Who Love Them

  • Addresses both the treatment and prevention of obesity in children
  • Provides nutrition and activity education in the classroom, integrated into public school health, science and math curricula
  • Benefits children, their families and teachers with the nutrition and exercise expertise and resources of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey

KidsFit at Maple Avenue School

KidsFit at Maple Avenue SchoolKids Fit is provided to 1,500 children and their families at Maple Avenue School and George Washington School (including the Bruce Street School for deaf children) located across the street from Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. The programs learning objectives were created by and are being taught by registered dietitians from the medical center and are incorporated into the physical education, math and science curricula of these schools to meet the needs of children from Pre -K to 8th grade. As a result of the program, many positive outcomes have been realized indicating improvement in lifestyle behaviors. As a result of the program we are seeing that more students are eating breakfast and we have seen a decrease in soda and sugary snack consumption Anecdotal remarks from parents and teachers are showing that they too have changed their lifestyles as a result of the program. One parent, whose child participated in the 10 week program, reports losing 20 pounds through his child’s lesson plans and homework assignments. Thirty deaf children grades Pre-K through 8th from the Bruce Street School are included in the program and through the help of an interpreter, are being taught the benefits of healthy food and exercise by an NBIMC nutritionist.

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