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women's health

In every generation, women do the work of caring for themselves and their families, raising children, and attending to aging parents. RWJBarnabas Health has long recognized women’s complex role of nurturing others while tending to their own health needs, from reproductive care to breast health, menopause to heart disease. That is why our facilities offer a multitude of women’s programs and services. RWJBarnabas Health is a leader in the region in women's health, understanding health care should be tailored to each individual, and gender specific needs must be addressed in health care.

For so many women the birth of a child is one of their most precious moments. Each year more than 17,600 infants are delivered annually across New Jersey. Our Mother-Infant Pavilions, Maternity Units and Birthing Centers combine the experience of a dedicated team of physicians and nurses and the most advanced technology with supportive family-centered care.

To provide women the best chance for early detection of breast cancer, each RWJBarnabas Health hospital offers comprehensive mammography services and three feature dedicated centers for breast care. In addition, our Medical Centers offer a wide range of services to women, from general gynecologic, through advanced robotic surgery. To preserve well being and prolong lives, our gynecologists encourage planning to ensure comfortable passage through menopause and to help prevent bone loss from osteoporosis as women age. Our women's health programs and services are backed by the largest health care network in New Jersey, making sure women have access to the highest level of care, the most state-of-the-art technology and the most experience doctors and specialists.

The breadth of our services for women empowers mothers, daughters and grandmothers to take the crucial preventive steps they need as they chart a path through the life cycle.

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