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Accolades from Former Patients and their Families

Margaret A. Rossi, Jersey City, NJ - Heartfelt thanks to the nursing staff at the Jersey City Medical Center. My recent stay of 10 days was eased by the genuine caring, skillful nursing and empathy given me so wholeheartedly by Trey in the E.R. and the RNs, PCTs and aides of 7-East -- especially: Mary, Agnes, Brittney, Casey, Joe, Mark, Lillian, Judy, Claudette, Bernadette, Shaku, Marrisha, Xiomara and resident Drs. Aziz and DelCastillo. Each one of you played a unique role in my recovery. Thank you!

A.C., Jersey City, NJ - I was admitted to the ED for a heart attack. The quick response and professional approach of your staff saved my life. I cannot find the words to adequately express my gratitude. When I walked in and told the admitting nurse that I was having a heart attack she had me triaged in three (3) minutes. The staff went to work immediately and had me wired up and upstairs in the Cath Lab inside of 15 minutes! Afterwards, the CCU staff was totally professional and caring. You are to be commended on putting a fine team of medical professionals in place who work well together. I was truly lucky to have gone through your doors!

B.H., Garwood, NJ - I really don't know how to express how thankful I am to all of you for everything you did for my baby so I will just say thank you! THANK YOU for treating him like he was your own son. THANK YOU for explaining things to me and helping me during this tough time. THANK YOU for including me in all of your conversations and letting me feel like I was part of your family.

M.D., Kearny, NJ - I came to the Endoscopy Department at JCMC with abdominal pain. It was a great experience under the circumstances. I was treated with respect and concern. I was so nervous-it was my first time to have endoscopy. I couldn't have asked for better care. The nurses and Dr. Weissman are the best. I will come again for follow-up. Kathi, RN and Curtis, PCT were so good in making me comfortable. Janet, RN went out of her way to accommodate me and Karla, RN was my post procedure nurse. She is the best.

K.A., Bayonne, NJ - I was hospitalized in April, May and June 2009... Everyone from the cleaning staff, the nursing staff, the ER staff, the PCTs, the doctors, the kitchen staff, the admitting staff, the respiratory staff, the physical therapy staff and the xray technicians were wonderful. All were professional, compassionate, caring and giving.

I was taken by ambulance to the ER in April after a fall and the trauma team was ready and waiting when I arrived. They were professional compassionate and swift in their care. They all had such great senses of humor and that helped somewhat to ease my nervousness. When the trauma team was done. I was moved to another room [where] the care was just as great. Julie was the best. She was there when I called and when I didn't call. Always checking to make sure I was okay. There were other nurses who also assisted me who were just as wonderful. When I went for x rays, they were prompt in coming for me and the technician did an outstanding job. He didn't have an easy time taking the x rays and it was a long process. He did everything possible to make me comfortable.

I was so fortunate Dr. Sherwin Schrag was on duty that day. He is a great doctor, surgeon and a wonderful human being. He is so compassionate and genuinely cares about you as a patient and more importantly as a person... His associates are just as compassionate and caring as he is.

The second time I was taken to the hospital. I was also admitted through the ER. Again the staff was nothing short of outstanding.

The third time I was in the hospital was in June. I went for my Pre-admission Testing a few days before my surgery. Rachel was so helpful in getting me through the admitting process. Darlene was the nurse who did my PAT. She was professional courteous and caring.

I was admitted to 6 West during all three stays. The nurses are the best group I have ever encountered. I can't say enough about the care I received from them while I was there. Every single nurse that took care of me was professional, courteous and caring. If I rang the call button for anything they were there. There was no waiting. My pain medication was given on time always.

The PCTs were also outstanding. When they came in to change the linens they moved me gently and with care. I was in a lot of pain and they did their best not to cause me anymore distress.

I had breathing treatments and the respiratory staff was so friendly. They always asked if I was okay or if I needed anything.

The physical therapists were also very friendly and chatted with me as we took our strolls down the hallway. They were caring and concerned with my well being. They were professional and very knowledgeable.

The cleaning staff and the kitchen staff were very pleasant. They always asked how I was doing. They did their jobs well and with smiles on their faces.

I would highly recommend the Medical Center to everyone I know. On a scale of 1-10 you rate well beyond the 10.

N.B., Philadelphia, PA - My mother recently spent two days at your facility. I wanted to tell you how much I admire your staff and commend a few in particular. My 92 year old mother and I had a wonderful 5 day cruise out of Bayonne, NJ Cape Liberty pier. My mother, who is normally homebound, enjoyed herself tremendously. Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke. An ambulance was called and she was taken to Jersey City Medical Center. Our encounters with your doctors-- Dr. Rao and resident Dr. Wang-Kocik were professional, helpful and supportive. The social worker Pam offered support and guidance. At this point, I met a guardian angel Nurse Sara on 6 East. I have never felt more supported or cared for by a nurse in all my experiences. Both Nurse Sara and another other nurse named Kathleen offered every means of comfort and support they could to both myself and my mother and if I could have physically moved the hospital to Philadelphia I certainly would have. I feel that people who go above and beyond the call of duty in their jobs should be rewarded.

S.W., Bergenfield, NJ - I was a patient in the ICU at Jersey City Medical Center for five weeks. I had suffered a cardiac arrest and seizure while driving to work. The nurses were very supportive and told my family and friends that I would wake up from my coma and just needed more time. The day I woke up, my sister entered the ICU and heard the nurse yelling, “Hurry up, she’s awake.” How awesome that the nurse was so exited for me and my family that I woke up. The evening I left the cardiac stepdown unit, Mary Beth, my case manager lent me her jacket to wear. The nurse in cardiac stepdown said to me, "You are what nursing is all about—to see someone like you walk out of here.” My cardiologist was wonderful. I have called him all hours of the night and he was never upset or impatient with me. I believe that doctors give us their medical expertise but a doctor who also gives us empathy, compassion, listens and really cares about their patients is a great doctor and that is Dr. Ameen. Everyone in the OR was very nice as well. I was admitted to the Same Day Surgery Unit for a defibrillator check and met Nurse Maria. The nurse asked me if I wanted toast to eat. She took the time to make me toast! I have been back for many tests. The technicians are all very nice. I will never forget the help and care I received at such a critical time in my life.

G.C., Australia – I recently was a patient at Jersey City Medical Center when I was admitted for some serious heart problems while on holiday in the USA from Australia. I feel I was very fortunate to have been admitted to your facility as the professional care I received was exceptional and the prompt attention no doubt saved my life and enabled me to travel home shortly after receiving treatment. There are so many staff who provided care and attention who all deserve my thanks and a good pat on the back for a job well done. In particular I would like to thank the day and night nursing staff CCU Marlene and Nicole for my quick recovery. I also met a number of the doctors who attended to me during my stay and while I cannot remember their names, I will never forget their help and encouragement.

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