Emergency Department - Joe's Story

You really never know when you may need to use your local hospital.

When Joe Grysko suffered a stroke a few days short of his 86th birthday, he had no idea what was going on. While cooking dinner his legs collapsed underneath him and he couldn’t get his feet to move, luckily his lady friend, Johanna Quinn, was there to call 911.

“I’m so grateful that Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus is close to my home,” said Joe. “I received outstanding care quickly when time was of the essence.”

Joe was evaluated in the Emergency Department upon his arrival and given the ‘clot-busting’ medication, tPA (tissue plasminogen activator), which works by breaking up blood clots and allowing blood to flow to the brain, ultimately preventing paralysis. He then spent a few days in the Intensive Care Unit where his stroke related issues including unsteadiness, slurred speech and vision loss were addressed and evaluated.

At that point, Dr. Charles Markowitz felt that Joe was a great candidate for rehab since he had strength in his limbs. Eventually, Joe was transferred to a regular nursing floor where his medical care continued along with the physical and speech rehabilitation Dr. Markowitz had recommended.

“During my stay I found out that all the rooms at Monmouth South are private, the food is great and the nurses, doctors and therapists are all so kind and understanding,” said Joe. “And, although I initially came here because it was close to home, I would now recommend it to anyone. Having the benefits of a strong healthcare system like RWJBarnabas Health at a local hospital ensures the very best health care at all times.”

One month after being transferred to a subacute facility for more rehabilitation, Joe was home functioning independently and speaking and swallowing normally. Now, just a few months after the incident in his kitchen, Joe is walking his dog around the lake in his complex and enjoying time with friends. He’s even starting to drive again.

“I’m 86 so I don’t know how much time I have left but I want to be able to enjoy whatever time I do have,” said Joe. “Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus has made that possible.”