Surgery - Tom's Story

Tom Ryan with Jennifer Bernal, RN

Photo caption w/ Jennifer Bernal, RN: “By the end of my stay at Monmouth South, Carol and I wanted to adopt my nurse, Jennifer. She really stood out to us because she was so helpful, compassionate and understanding. She made sure I had whatever I needed whether it was my medication or an extra pillow and she really helped me to get back to my regular self.”

After burger night with his wife, Tom Ryan began having abdominal pain which he quickly wrote off as indigestion. When there was no relief from the pain several hours later, he and his wife, Carol, decided it was time to call 911.

“As soon as I got in the ambulance I told them, if you’re not going to take me to Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus, I’ll get out and drive myself,” Tom said. “As a cancer survivor, I’ve ended up in other local hospitals that aren’t as nice and don’t move as quickly. I felt I’d be in the best hands at Monmouth South.”

Once Tom was admitted to the emergency department he had a CAT scan that showed inflammation to his gallbladder. It was ultimately decided that his gallbladder needed to be removed, so Tom was transferred from the emergency department to an inpatient unit where he spent several days after his laparoscopic gallbladder surgery by Dr. Sergey Grachev.

“The private rooms are great – they offer a quieter atmosphere than a shared room does and it really makes all the difference towards healing quickly and appropriately,” Tom said. “It also allowed me to have more one-on-one time with my nurses who were constantly checking on me and asking if there was anything they could do to make Carol or me more comfortable.”

Both Tom and Carol have used Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus for outpatient tests and have appreciated how seamless the process has been whether it was to get an x-Ray, CAT scan or blood work. They’ve also utilized Monmouth South’s Mobile Unit Phlebotomy Service (MUPS) at Leisure Village West and value the convenience the traveling lab facility offers.

“I think Carol and I are two of the best promoters of Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus in Ocean County,” Tom said. “We’re constantly telling residents and friends in our senior village to utilize Monmouth South when they aren’t feeling well or need tests done. The fact that it’s a geriatrics focused hospital is just an added bonus to all the other great programs and services they offer.”