Giving to Children

Donate Now:

Help children who often can’t find help anywhere else. Your financial donation provides skilled and compassionate care to meet the needs of our young patients - from newborns to teenagers.

Donate Now

Special Wishes:

By donating to Children's Hospital Special Wishes, you earmark funds for items or services that are especially meaningful to children with specific needs. These items enhance the hospital experience for our children and their families. Please click here to view our Special Wishes list.

Online Shopping:

Purchase an item from the following website and they will send it directly to our Child Life specialists. Items are needed throughout the year for kids who have birthday’s while in the hospital or for “Treatment Parties” to celebrate a child’s final cancer treatment, etc.

Child's Play

Treasure Chest:

A doll, a board game, or a box of crayons can sometimes put a smile on the face of a small child who isn’t feeling well. Help keep our Sagner Children’s Playroom filled with donated toys, games, books, and other items that make a child’s hospital stay a little more pleasant.

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