Qualitas Hospital Compounding & Repacking Division

The Qualitas Hospital Compounding and Repacking Division is a centralized pharmacy providing system hospitals with quality sterile products. It was created to help control costs for the system by consolidating job functions, reducing waste and passing on just costs to the system hospitals. Hospital Services began in 2004 providing TPN for both adult and NICU inpatients. In 2009, Qualitas added compounding small and large volume sterile medications to its services, continuously adding products for the system hospitals upon request. In 2013, it started providing barcoded repackaging services for oral medications that are not available in unit dose as part of a strategic plan to barcode medications in preparation for conversion to bedside-barcode medication administration.

Qualitas Hospital Compounding and Repacking Division Leadership

  • Suzanne Sesta

    Suzanne Sesta, RPh

    Vice President of Qualitas Pharmacy Services
  • Anita McNeil

    Anita McNeil, RPh

    Director of Pharmacy, Qualitas Infusion and Hospital Services
  • Andres Barcelo

    Andres Barcelo

    Technician Clean Room Supervisor
  • Fernando Olveira

    Fernando Olveira

    Clinical Distribution Manager

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